City Clerk's Office


The City Clerk's Office is responsible for many diverse functions of the City acting as both an internal and external office. All City offices, residents, community associations, businesses, and industries benefit from the services offered by this Office. The Clerk's Office also is responsible for all local, state and national elections and reports to the Great Seal.

Election and Voting

The City Clerk / Election Clerk is responsible for all local, state and national elections, overseas seven voting precincts with three absentee counting boards. Provide information on elections, voter registration, precinct locations, election inspector training, information and more. Information regarding new early in person voting can be found here.

Keeper of Records

The City Clerk attends and records all City Council Meetings. The City Clerk also prepares the tentative and final agendas with director of Mayor and City Manager. All public hearing notices are posted and submitted for publishing by the City Clerk's Office.


As Keeper of the Records, the Clerk maintains and/or records the following City documents: boards and commissions meeting minutes; bids, summonses, lawsuits, and legal documents. The City Clerk also processes requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act Request.

Boards and Commissions

The City Clerk receives and processes all Boards and Commissions applications. To submit an application please visit the City Clerk at 33000 Garfield Road, Fraser, MI.

License Applications

The City Clerk accepts and processes license applications for amusement devices, solicitors, temporary use vendors, auctions, carnivals / festivals, going out of business sales, mobile vendors.

Administrative Liaison

In addition to these services, the City Clerk also serves as administrative liaison to several City boards and commissions. These include the Act 78 Civil Service Commission, Local Officials Compensation Commission, Construction Board of Appeals, and the Election Commission.

Other services provided by the Clerk's Office:

Maintain custody of all City records; 

Acts as the Freedom of Information Coordinator; 

Administers oaths of office; 

Copies and distributes adopted city ordinances; 

Publishes and posts all notices as required by law; 

Process CDBG service vouchers / requests;