Jury Information

Jury Service

The 39th District Court schedules matters for jury trials on the second Friday of each month. Jury service usually lasts for only one day. Jurors for Roseville and Fraser who are notified to serve must immediately return the juror questionnaire form and follow the instruction on the jury notice sent from the court. Failure to report to jury duty may result in a show cause hearing in front of the chief judge. Please fill out our juror personal history form.

After Receiving a Notice to Serve

I received a notice to serve as a juror. Now what?

  • You must call (586) 447-4418 after 5:00 pm the day before your scheduled appearance date. A recorded message will tell you whether to appear.
  • If the message indicates you must appear, please arrive at 29733 Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, Michigan by 8:00 am on your date of service.


For answers to questions regarding jury service not listed on this website call (586) 447-4418.