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PA 33 Public Notice and Information

A Public Hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, June 8, 2017 during the Regular Council Meeting held at 7:00 PM within the Council Chambers, 33000 Garfield, Fraser, MI. The City Council of the City of Fraser will hold a public hearing to hear objections to the police and fire public safety expenses, the creation of the special assessment district and the distribution of the special assessment levy proposed under Act 33 and Act 188. Appearance and protest at the hearing in the special assessment proceedings is required in order to appeal the amount of the special assessment to the state tax tribunal. All parcels of land situated in the City of Fraser, County of Macomb and State of Michigan are subject to the proposed special assessments, except those that are exempt under the general property tax act. The City Council has declared its intention to undertake special assessments for certain Costs of Public Safety as outlined below:

public hearing pa 33.jpg

Public comments, either oral or written, are welcome at the Public Hearing. Handicapped persons needing assistance or aid should contact the City Clerk’s Office during regular working hours forty-eight hours prior to the meeting.

Kelly Dolland, City Clerk

Answers to questions regarding Public Hearing Notice

The meeting date for the public hearing is Thursday, June 8th, 2017 @ 7pm

• The purpose of the meeting is to have city council approve a 5 mil property tax Special Assessment under PA 33 of 1951 that will result in a 2 mil tax levy in July and a 3 mil levy in December.

• There will not be a vote by the people in November.

• Residents that may want to appeal this special assessment to the Board of Review must attend the June 8th meeting.

• The total revenues for this assessment is $1.9 million. The amount of expenditures of $4.1 million is to show that the expenditures meets or exceeds the special assessment amount.

• The cost to the average Fraser home owner with a taxable value of $70,000 is $350.00 per year.

• The annual tax increase for 2017 can be estimated by taking the 2017 Taxable Value of your home and multiplying by 0.005. For example, if your Taxable Value is $100,000 , the calculation is as follows: $100,000 x 0.005=$500.00

• This is for the 2017 tax year.