Snow Removal

A snow emergency may be called if 3” or more inches of snow is forecast over a 24 to 48 hour period. Once declared, cars must be removed from the street for 48 hours or until the city has completed snow plowing on that street. No person shall park any motor vehicle on any residential street within the City of Fraser between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday if there is snow or ice on the ground to allow the Department of Public Works to salt and plow the streets. This parking is prohibited on residential streets for motor vehicles shall not apply to the Christmas holiday season from 12:01 am December 24 through 12:01 January 2. 

Your cooperation in moving your vehicles off the streets during inclement weather would be appreciated so the entire street can be plowed and/or plowed.

Whenever a vehicle becomes disabled for any reason on any street during a parking prohibition or snow emergency, the owner or person operating the vehicle shall take action to have the vehicle towed or pushed off the street. No person shall abandon or leave the vehicle on the street, except for the purpose of securing the immediate assistance; in such cases the person securing assistance shall leave the vehicle only for the time necessary to make contact for assistance and shall return to the vehicle immediately thereafter without delay.