City Council


The City of Fraser Mayor and City Council are the elected representative body responsible for making and amending City of Fraser laws, developing policy, and making decisions for governing the city. The body as a whole:

  • Adopts and/or amends city ordinances (laws)
  • Determines city policies and standards
  • Determines how much money will be spent and for what purposes
  • Determines the amount of city taxes to be levied
  • Approves contracts and agreements
  • Represents the city locally, statewide, and on the federal level

City-Manager Plan

In the City of Fraser, our basis of government is the council-manager plan. This plan divides the city government into two separate functions: policy making and administration. It is the most widely used form of government in the State of Michigan.

Policy Makers

The policy makers are the mayor and the City Council, a seven-member body elected by the voters. These officials serve four-year terms, which expire on a staggered basis. Their functions include determining policies, adopting codes and ordinances, passing resolutions, approving appropriations, and adopting the annual budget.


The administration consists of the city manager and various department heads and supervisors. These individuals oversee the day-to-day operations at City Hall, the Public Safety Department, Public Works Department, and the Public Library. The administration is charged with carrying out the policies set forth by the mayor and the City Council.

Council-Manager Form of Government